About us

Recognizing the call of God on his life to teach the message of faith, Dr. Herbert H. Rowe, his wife Dr. Carol G. Rowe, and a few faithful followers held their first church service and established what is now called The Upperroom Bible Church. In the upper level of an office building with a few pews, a stage and a few tracks, the doors opened to the beginnings of the Church. People came from everywhere to experience the faith teachings and the ministry began to take shape. Word quickly spread that the faith message had come to New Orleans.

In a short period of time the ministry expanded, people were getting saved, and lives were being impacted while the ministry was growing. Impacting the lives of others with the message of Faith was not all that God wanted for the vision of The Upperroom Bible Church. God was adding to the vision he gave Dr. Rowe, a mission to teach people how to believe and receive from God on purpose. With a vision in his heart and the word in his mouth, Dr. Rowe announced the plan and blueprint to build a new sanctuary; however, it was Dr. Carol G. Rowe, his wife, whom God revealed the actual building that would become the new home of the ministry.

After months of construction and a financial faith walk, God proved himself faithful once again! With a staff in hand, his wife and the church family at his side Dr. Herbert H. Rowe opened the doors to a more than 30,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose facility complete with a Life Center, Pre-school and Academy and a state-of-the art Sanctuary. A second location was soon established in the Slidell area. After the devastation and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, The Upperroom Bible Church was one of the first ministries to return to the city and prepare to rebuild. Dr. Rowe believed that rebuilding the church would be the best way to rebuild and reignite the people of God with the message of faith.

Today the ministry has not only expanded, but by the grace of God hundreds meet weekly at both locations on the North Shore and the South Shore. We are still helping others everyday to learn the vision of God through our ministry and teachings. Dr. Rowe’s message of faith is still impacting the lives of others, not just locally, but all around the globe, by teaching them to believe and to receive from God on purpose.